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Byrd Headbands

Pineapple Print Wire Headband

Pineapple Print Wire Headband

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This Pineapple Print Wire Headband features a charming yellow pineapple print, bringing a touch of tropical flair to any hairstyle. Made with durable wire construction, it provides a secure and comfortable fit for all-day wear. Perfect for adding a playful pop of color to your outfit.

Byrd Headbands are the most versatile AND comfortable accessory you’ll ever own. No more headband headaches! Thanks to a soft, yet durable wire our headbands mold to fit your head comfortably and securely. Plus! There are endless ways to style it: twist the ends, wear it like a turban, with a rosette, around a ponytail, like a scrunchie, bend and wear it anyway you'd like! Don’t want to wear it as a headband? Byrd Headbands can be shaped into a bracelet, choker or ascot. You can even wrap it on your purse strap! The options are endless. Byrd Bands are 2.5" wide and 32" long. The wire is aluminum and completely covered by fabric. Ships ready to wear on our gold foil packaging with styling instructions and pics on the back. Handmade in Tulsa, OK

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